High Pressure Laminate is a multi-layered product. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. Special grades of HPL can be postformed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint.

The production technology allows obtaining different options for the surface finishing - glossy, matte, structural. The high-pressure laminate sheets can be decorated from one or two sides.  This material is used for interior and exterior.

There are many types or grades of high pressure laminates engineered for specific performance requirements:

  • Most widely used HPL and suitable for horizontal and vertical surface applications. The thickness of the finished products varies in the range from 0.6 to 25 mm.

  • It can be formed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint.

  • Special purpose of the high pressure laminates includes cabinet liners, high-wear, fire-rated, electrostatic dissipative and chemical resistant laminates, anti fungal and anti microbe HPL for hospitals and clinics.

  • High thickness extra durable HPL for partitions.

On this video you will see how we test High Pressure Laminate in our Laboratory and Difference between our HPL and Low Grade HPL